Crowns & Bridges

Crowns are a cosmetic restoration procedure used to strengthen a tooth or improve its shape and are cemented onto an existing tooth that is broken, worn or partially decayed, around the gum line. Crowns or partial crowns, also referred to as onlays, are needed when there is insufficient tooth strength to hold a filling. Your crown is created in a lab from your unique tooth impression, which allows a dental laboratory technician to examine all aspects of your bite and jaw movements. Your crown is then sculpted just for you so that your bite and jaw movements function normally once the crown is placed.

Dental bridges are a commonly-used solution for missing teeth. Missing teeth can diminish the appearance of a smile and can cause other teeth to drift out of place. Dental bridges containing replacement teeth are anchored into place by healthy teeth on either side of the bridge. Bridges cannot be removed, but need to be checked for wear during regular dental checkups.

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